Wednesday, 28 April, 2010

Embroiled In One's Own Net

Oh god, i dont know how i would manage if there wasn't any internet. Its a far-fetched statement, but yes, after getting used to the wonderful thing that can happen to this world, its difficult to think of a situation where there is no internet anymore.

The amount of money i am spending for the internet at the internet cafe will suffice to subscribe for atleast 4 months unlimited connection. Around 4 years back i had a broadband connection with a laptop. But for my nature of being hooked to the net, i hardly slept in the night. Over a period of time, i realised that if i dont get rid of the laptop and internet connection, my health would be in bad shape. Thats when i disposed it off.

After that, i havent had the courage to buy another computer for myself. Though i end up spending more, atleast i return back to normal life after the internet cafe closes. These days i am caught with my school's alumni association. So many mail ids to check, one orkut account, two blogs, two facebook accounts, one alumni group in facebook, one another group which iam managing in orkut. hands are full, but there is no lack of energy.

Hope i can do justice to all the spheres of my activity. And in august this year, a grand re-union of my schoolmates would happen. Greatly looking forward to that.

Thursday, 15 April, 2010

Busy with Networking

I didnt mean any new MLM kind of networking. The past week saw me always stuck in front of the monitor, in pursuit of an Old students association for my school (KNHS, Bangalore). Since i am away from Bangalore, the only way i could give my best was by finding the alumni of my school through the net.

Some days i hardly had enough rest. One day i even spent 8 hours on the net, but it was satisfying. These days, my hours logged on the internet have gone quite high. But somewhere there is lot of satisfaction. The real satisfaction will come when the re-union planned in august 2010 becomes a success.

Fourteen years back, i did a re-union for only my class along with 2 other friends who took active part in finding the old buddies. We were much exhausted by the end of it, but still excited enough to have all old friends at one place.

My own blog has been suffering of late. I am not updating with new blogs these days, as often as i would like it. May be its also because these days the comments have gone down for whatever reasons. And know what, i am getting comments in chinese language....from unknown people. he.hehheheh.ehhehe...

Well guys, will say bye now, but shall try to keep this blog alive and kicking. See ya...

Friday, 9 April, 2010

My unforgettable Ganesh Chaturthi

I was all of 15 years, and a few months past my high school life. There was a dramatic change that took place in the few months of exposure i got after schooling. I had become little courageous vis-a-vis interacting with people.

Community celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi festival was a trend that had caught the imagination of Bangaloreans, those days. Youth associations generally took initiative in pitching up big shamiyana and placing Idol of the elephant god inside it. Poojas were regularly conducted along with variety programmes in the evenings to entertain the crowds.

I was quite fascinated by the great appeal of these festivities. Nothing much for the worship part, but for the getting together of so many people at one place. I badly wanted to replicate such successful celebration of the festival in our own colony. But there was no mentor to look up to for support.

Somehow i succeeded in getting another guy excited with my plan of celebrating the festival. We managed just enough money to print a receipt book for collecting donation. Another couple of younger friends joined in for collecting donations from all and sundry. Just in time, we managed a decent enough amount to pitch a tent in our colony and also place a large enough Ganesh idol. The moment the women in the colony saw this development, they were all praises for us. They took part with whole hearted interest on a daily basis in conducting poojas, distribution of prasad, etc.

The grand finale of dipping the idol in water (we chose a well) was attended by all youngsters in our colony. The boisterous kids sang paeans to lord Ganesh and it reached a crescendo while dipping the idol. Till date, that festival of Ganesh Chaturthi has been very special to me.