Monday, 20 April, 2009

End of a good week

The evening of yesterday drew curtains on my one week of jolly good time. Beena boarded her train yesterday evening at 1725Hrs with a satisfied heart. We both feel so thankful to our host and my good friend subash who along his wife who took such good care of us. Though his wife was carrying, she exerted herself to make us feel at home. Beena did pitch in with whatever little she knew in household chores.

Subash's son Srivats who is nearing 4 years of age, sorely missed Beena a lot when he knew she had left. I wasnt his favourite because i would funnily bicker with him whenever i felt like. What a naughty child he was. Since he had spend the past two years in his mom's place in coimbatore, he had picked a smattering of tamil. He only used that language when he was angry. His cusswords were "Poda Motta Thalaya". When i returned back the offering in his own currency, he felt so red with anger. But i compensated with lots of chocolates and ice-creams and rides to the beach in my bike.

We visited the vivekananda rock in kanyakumari on 18th april. But since the sun was so hot, beena wanted to wind up the day earlier and didnt spend much time there. Another thing that happened was i got my purse picked without my knowledge. I lost 2 debit cards, my driving licence, canteen smart card, two sim cards of karnataka and tamilnadu and some cash too. I didnt want to spoil my holiday mood and hence didnt go in search of the purse. But i did block both my atm cards before any loss could be done. Beena i guess was pissed off with my carefree attitude for not trying to search for my purse and retrieve it. That could be the reason she felt the sun got too hot that day and we called it a day even before the evening.

Tomorrow i shall be leaving to tamilnadu as i got posted there. Its the same place i had been 2 months back, near kanyakumari. Shall update more when i get to visit the net cafe again. Thanks to all my blog readers and more to prem and priti for leaving their comments. Take care.

Thursday, 16 April, 2009

Sight seeing in Trivandrum

What was intended and planned as a job seeking visit, has turned to be a sight seeing visit for my wife Beena. She has accompanied me from chennai to trivandrum and is currently here in trivandrum.

We had planned to shift her base to trivandrum, but due to some unavoidable circumstances, the plan had to be changed. Since her train reservations were made earlier for a week's visit to trivandrum, we didnt want to cancel it. Now she is presently here in trivandrum with me. We both are staying in one of my close friend's house. The last 4 days were spent in seeing places in trivandrum. Not much of a tourist spot, but yes there are the normal stuff like beaches, zoos, museum and temples here in trivandrum.

Beena was mesmerised once she landed here. She thoroughly loved my place here. Since she is very religious, i did take her to the famous Attukal temple, which is also known as Women's sabirimala. This temple also holds the Guiness record for having witnessed the largest congregation of women at any single place, for the Pongala festival in the year 1997. The number of women attendees were recorded as 1.5 million i.e. 15 lakh women. This year too i had a peek view of this festival from the outer fringes of the city. What a crowd they make of staggering numbers, full of women. A Devi or goddess is the idol at Attukal temple. Women frequent this temple from all over kerala for the Pongala festival. I could see this year, women in pristine white and offwhite Set-Sarees lined across both sides of roads kilometres away from the actual temple. The movement of vehicles were such a big challenge during that day. There were huge road blocks too during the festival. Guiness record was really not a big deal after seeing the swelling crowds on a single day.

Today we with our host here named Subhash and his wife and child went to Veli tourist village which is just 4 kms distance from our home. Did some peddle boating, had lots of snacks, ice cream, coconut drinks, juices and finished the trip with dinner at an in-house restaurant. In the afternoon I and Beena plan to visit the famous Kovalam Beach.

In a day or two we also plan to visit Kanyakumari too. May be if time permits will try to include Neyyar Dam into our itinerary. Not a single day we are planning to leave for free. I want her one week of holidays in kerala to be memorable for a long time to come. Shall keep updating more in the coming days. Kindly leave some comments, so that i will love to read ur reactions to my blog. Best wishes to all my friends. Take care.