Saturday, 31 July, 2010

The Financial Side

Under the aegis of our Alumni association, great works are possible. We shall delve into the potential that we could wield, in the succeeding paragraphs.

Having a Re-union is all nice and fine. But for that special feeling of satisfaction, something more needs to be done. That "something more" could be Charity. Charity is often associated with mostly super rich people. This need not be the case always. One can easily and meaningfully do charity with even 100 rupees to spare.

We are not a single person anymore. Under the umbrella of an organisation, every penny has its contributory value. Some corporates are already supporting the economically backward students of our school. We can easily step in to mitigate the hardships of the poor students presently studying in KNHS. A few thousand rupees to each poor student will help them a great deal.

In the present times, charity has become a tool to increase one's social status. The genuine concerns are addressed for the affected lot, while at the same time increasing the popularity of the philanthropists. Charity can also be done discreetly.

Very few people in this world do charity, if its not visible to others. Our association should support Charity with discreetness and no fanfare. The discreetness may only be limited to the names of the persons donating for charity. But the donor's name will enter the account books through the cash receipts. A full and complete accounting system will be in place for every single penny received as donation, registration fees, or under any other head.

Socially responsible behaviour should be displayed by our association. And whatever charity we do, it should be primarily focussed at the students studying in KNHS. Whatever appreciation or credit comes for it should accrue to our association as a whole. This will serve two purposes. Firstly, every person will feel like contributing as per his/her individual strength because there is no notice put up whether anybody's egos get boosted or hurt depending on the amount of donation. Secondly, only genuine among us will contribute as no matter how big the amount one spares, there is no advertisement or special treatment among the public.

A downside to the aforesaid way of charity could be that some of us may not like to lighten our purse, when our names are not going to be flashed in public.

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Until we meet on 29th August 2010 for the re-union, do take care.