Monday, 26 October, 2009

Away From The Web

For someone who is so used to be connected to the web, suddenly losing touch is quite hard. A thing which has happened to me because of my present place of duty. I miss internet a lot and also other things which i used to take for granted. Atleast i have now wap activated on my phone, but the interface can never match the desktop or laptop.

Another three weeks to go before i shall be able to use a normal PC with connectivity. Until then its little tough time for me. When i return full-fledge my regular blogs will also come to the fore. Time to hit the bed now.

Friday, 9 October, 2009

Diwali Sweets

From as long as i can remember in Air Force, sweets during diwali is procured for all the serving soldiers of Air Force, from a sweet shop in Punjab. These sweets are distributed throughout India after transporting it by air, by the Air Force. The sweets are of good quality when set against the price it comes for.

Two years back or so this particular sweet shop was providing Motichoor Laddu for 50 rupees per Kg. Today the price has escalated to Rs.86 per kg, still quite less compared to costs in other shops anywhere in India. No where does Laddus come so cheap. The Air transportation cost is borne by Air Force, as a welfare measure. If one takes into account the transportation charge, the cost of sweets could shoot upto approximately Rs.800 per kg.

This kind of expenditure can be justified, because it for the general benefit of the soldiers. I have had instances of knowing insider news when a regional commander had launched an aircraft to collect his Ray Ban glasses which he had forgotten on his visit to a place. The Ray Ban glass costs approximately Rs.3000 at the max, while procured through CSD canteen. The operating costs incurred by Air Force in bringing his glasses worked out to anywhere approximately Rs.2,00,000. The same commander had once forgotten his briefcase while returning from an Air Force station in another city. In his usual ways, he launched an aircraft to get his briefcase collected. The cost on this occassion for bringing his briefcase should have worked out to around three to four lakh rupees.

There are many kind of such people, who use their powers for selfish ends; never thinking about the huge loss incurred to the nation. But this Diwali its going to be a sweet one for me, as i have ordered 2 kgs of sweets and also my wife is joining from chennai during the festival.

Wednesday, 7 October, 2009

Different sets of People

The social networking sites are all so good, but with some ifs and buts. Though i am more attached to Orkut, i still keep a track of Facebook account. Of late the facebook account seems interesting too, as few of my friends keep updating many things and its easy to know more about them without my having to message. Its a good deal for me.

Today, out of the blue in my facebook account there were 8 friend requests pending. In the past few years of my having that account, this kind of thing never happened. I added 6 of them, but avoided the remaining 2 as i couldnt place them anywhere in my memory. Another set of difficulty i have usually felt is about adding everyone into one network. I have different kind of friends, and my interaction levels are all different. Some of my friends talk things on the face, because of the closeness they enjoy and hence i never add them in orkut fearing others in my freindlist may be in for a shock.

People from different cultures and different countries have their unique way of talking. I for one will never have the courage to add one of my lady friend in orkut even if she wishes. Her grip on the English language is so enormous and she twists and twirls it, without thinking twice. On a public platform others who read it may be shocked, but we enjoy such good freedom in expressing ourselves. I even share this fear of mine and even though she has read my blogs, i have warned her enough, not to be her usual self if she leaves any comments.

Some fears are manageable, and this one which i talked about falls into that group. Until other challenges come to bind me here, let me go and have my dinner now.

Monday, 5 October, 2009

Shopping weekend

Having lot of free time, sucks. This past weekend, thanks to Gandhiji's birthday I had 3 days of holiday at a stretch. What better way than to visit my wife in Chennai. There wasnt any accommodation available in train and so had to catch a bus to reach chennai. Though its a long journey i could weather the hardship as i was keenly looking forward to spend some time with my wife.

On reaching chennai the free time just vanished. I went to watch a tamil movie starring Kamal and Mohanlal. Also did bits of shopping for us on the last 2 days. Mall hopping proved to be a good pastime, otherwise i generally used to feel bored at my in-law's place. Even when Beena left her laptop for me to browse on earlier occasions, boredom sooner hit me. This time she took leave on saturday and i didnt want to spend it sitting idle at home.

Today afternoon i reached back trivandrum. From tomorrow its back to my normal routine. But this week end proved to be quite good. I have been feeling lazy to write anything in my blog. Dont know why, but sometimes state of mind does have a lot of bearing on one's attitude in general. Thanks to all my blog readers. See ya. Lots of Love.