Friday, 28 November, 2008

How I solved a case for Rajasthan Police

This particular incident happened around 5 years back. The Rajasthan police had arrested 3 young girls and 4 men from a hotel in Jaisalmer (Rajasthan), during a hotel raid. The arrested men were suspected to be flesh traders. During initial interrogation, the police couldnt conclusively arrive at a decision, due to a big hurdle.

The hurdle was that the girls were from other state and didnt understand either hindi or english. Finally the Inspector of the police station decided to approach the nearest Air Force unit, from where some interpreter's help could be sought. The girls said they were from karnataka, thats the only thing the police could make out. It was a clear case of young girls supplied to northern states.

Around 10am in the morning the Police Inspector approached the Air Force authorities and asked the help of a soldier who can understand & speak Kannada well. The Air Force authorities started enquiring and found out that I managed to speak all South Indian languages. They requested me to assist the Rajasthan police in arriving at the truth by questioning the girls who were in custody at the Police Station nearby. I readily agreed, as these kind of opportunities hardly knock one's door often.

Once i reached the Police station in their jeep, i found 7 harried faces altogether. They wondered who this knew person was. The police wanted me to translate their questions to kannada and also translate back the girls' answer back to them in hindi. I summarily rejected the idea and requested the inspector to allow me to have an informal conversation with girls in custody. He was kind enough and allowed me a free hand.

From my talk with the girls, it was found that they were all from Bellary, a northern district in Karnataka. They belonged to the Jain Community, and were the newly wedded wives of 3 men respectively, among the 4 in custody. I took much info from the girls, and when satisfied, asked the guys to be brought in,to cross-check with them in the absence of the girls. The entire exercise with the men took hardly 10 mins. Things fell into place splendidly.

The elderly among the men owned a provision store in a village in Bellary, where the girls belonged. In Rajasthan there is a terribly skewed sex ratio among the jains. In their quest for brides, the men there are ready to pay money to the girl's parents as long as the girl was a jain. Their Jain community member who had a shop in Bellary, came handy. The girls' families were quite poor and they took approximately 30,000 rupees fromt these 3 men and gave away their girls as bride. The brides themselves were happy, the guys were happpy as they got a bride, and the middle man was happy because for every girl he provided he pocked 10,000 rupees from the groom.

The final nail in the case was struck when i asked the girls if they wanted to go back to their homes and they all said in unison that they wanted to go with these guys (Their husbands) and live peacefully. The police readily agreed to their demands and all the 7 of them were left free. A happy ending in the end.

Thursday, 27 November, 2008

My days of chatting

I miss those days when i used to chat for hours together. For my age, i was quite alone to be indulging in this habit so religiously. until an year back, for the preceding 6 years i have chatted my day's free time. The biggest mistake i did when i bought a laptop and an unlimited internet connection, after i realised that i was losing quite a heavy amount by chatting in the internet cafe.

Though financially i saved, i lost out on sleep. I was badly hooked to this habit, that on a regular basis i used to chat up to the wee hours of the next day. many days it so happened that i didnt sleep for the entire night and went to office the next morning only to struggle keeping my eyes open. my guilt consciousness about not giving my 100 percentage in my office, atlast drove me to say bye to the net connection and laptop for good.

The only saving grace is that i have made a few number of good friends, with whom iam still in touch through mails. exchanging cards and calling on birthdays are still happening. though my chat ended, i hope the few relationships i built stands the test of time.

Time to say bye. catch u on the morrow.



Tuesday, 25 November, 2008

Salman Khan appreciated me

Earlier, i used to engage in making portraits of sports persons and actors on A2 size paper and hang it in our living room. Hardly one or two of that is preserved now. I had also done a big portrait of Salman khan and hung on the wall, because i liked watching it daily. Also lots of appreciation i used to get.

My younger sis sumi had a classmate named Rehana Sultana. She was a die-hard fan of Salman Khan. This was 15 years back. When she got to know that i manage to draw portraits, she begged my sister to ask me to draw a small portrait of Salman Khan. When my sister came with this request, i did agree to this. I finished the portrait of Salman khan and gave it to sumi. The next day sumi went to her class and handed over to rehana.

Rehana's dad was to go to mumbai to meet salman khan and his family as they had business links and friendship. rehana asked her dad to present my hand-drawn portrait of salman to the real salman. Once salman got to see the portrait, he greatly appreciated it. May be actors know how to act well, even in real life. He asked rehana's dad to convey his thanks to me. When this message came to me after a week or so, i was so jubilant, as if i had met salman khan myself and taken the appreciation. I was a teenager then and soared high with happiness and contentment.

After a few months or so after that episode, i had completely stopped engaging myself in drawing portraits. i have a few of those smaller portraits at home even now. the rest of the big ones, my mom had burned away fearing that i might hang it on the walls of our new home too.

MOM........., THERE WERE BETTER WAYS TO PREVENT THINGS!!!!! anyway, no regrets.

My itinerary in december / january

i have something to feel good about. my leave of 2 weeks will start from 20th december. my itinerary during my leave period will be like this:

20 december - arrival in bangalore
27 december- departure to yercaud (Hill station in tamilnadu)
27 -30 december- stay at hotel sky rocca (yercaud)
30 december- departure to chennai
31 december- new year beering party with few members of salsaites
1st or 2nd january - Meet Mr.Ronald dominique bankiem, an erstwhile rock band singer & a close buddy.
3 january- departure to trivandrum
4 january- arrival trivandrum and back to routine work.

Monday, 24 November, 2008

A sad day for beena

today morning i saw a message on my mobile. it was a sad news about the passing away of beena's close buddy's mother. i immediately called her, and could sense her in deep sorrow with her voice breaking and intermittent crying and sniffing.

just yesterday she had postponed her official trip to bangalore at the eleventh hour to help her buddy's mother get good medical support. all efforts went useless. hopefully i will try to pacify her later in the day, when i talk to her. just thought of updating this thing on my blog.

signing off for now.

Saturday, 22 November, 2008

Ode to an Icon

If you are an Indian, you ought to know the story of this great man. Please read on.

A young science graduate, who had turned to spiritualism was wilting badly after the demise of his spiritual guru. He alongwith other four other core disciples decided to set foot in different directions and find the condition of our people and ultimately find a solution. During one of his journeys in north india, he felt a strong need to have a fag. an old man was walking from the opposite direction, who was smoking beedi. he stopped the guy and asked if he could share his beedi. The old man readily agreed, but cautioned that he was from the lowest caste, and if it was ok, he could share his beedi. After hearing this, the young disciple didnt take the offer, and started walking again.

No more than a few steps had he taken, he felt the magnitude of the caste crisis, which didnt spare even his spiritually trained mind. he ran back to the old man, and immediately took the beedi from him and had his smoke. This was the first fight against casteism in his life. The person in question is the great Swami Vivekananda.

The swami walked the length and breadth of india, and seeing the miserable condition of the people, he was greatly affected. everyone was poor, daily livelihood was a challenge for the average indian. scores were dying for want of food or proper shelter. he had set out to impress upon the people to practise religion in its true sense, but the ground realities were miserable. He had said once " A religion which cannot put a piece of bread into the mouth of the poor is of no use."

During his journeys throughout india, he impressed upon his hosts with his knowledge, who included the kings and diwans in india. The world parliament of religions was to be organised in chicago in 1893. His friends in madras wanted him to participate in the august meeting of spiritual heads from around the world. This was the first time in the world that such a parliament of religions was being organised. Many people helped the swami in pursuing his journey to the west. Prominent among these were the Maharaja of Khetri (The 'r' is prounounced as 'd' in Khetri). This maharaja was one of the closest friends of swamiji. then there was the maharaja of ramnad, the intellegentsia in madras, the maharaja of mysore. They all contributed so that swami vivekananda could go to the United states and speak about our country.

The swamiji was ready to leave for the united states, but the maharaja of khetri wanted him to have good dressing to impress upon the westerners. he sent specially stitched silk gown for the swamiji. Until then swami vivekananda had never worn a headgear that we all get to see in every picture now. The headgear was the result of the maharaja of khetri's efforts in impressing upon the swamiji to have a unique identity. He wasnt comfortable at first, but then the headgear turned out to be his core identity. The ochre robe along with the headgear and his personality turned to be the greatest combination ever possible.

In the ship that he boarded in mumbai, along with him were the great industrialist jamshedji tata. swamiji became popular among all the travellers on that maiden journey. Once in america, support came in from many quarters, though there were jeers from the common people because of his unconventional dressing.

To participate in the world parliament of religions, one needed to be referred by a prominent and well known person, since no one there knew swamiji or his background or potential. it was a tough call. Swamiji had become very close to a professor working in cambridge university (or was it oxford university? sorry, my memory isnt standing by me). The professor took swamiji to a room consisting distinguished and learned people who were actively involved in organising the world parliament of religions. Swamiji's professor friend introduced him to the others in the room and said the following. "This person has more knowledge than all of us put together. If he cant make it to the parliament of religions, then nobody is worthy enough to participate." This kind of introduction, clearly clinched him an entry to the parliament.

The parliament had begun and many speakers came and went away without as much as creating a ripple. The unusually dressed swamiji's turn came. Till then every speaker had addressed the congregation as "Ladies and Gentlemen". Our swamiji opened his speech with these words "Brothers and sisters of america......." The words which came straight from his heart conquered the hearts of the audience. There was big applause, which continued for a good amount of time. No one before in the history of their country had addressed them that way. What followed next was only of academic interest. His speech had turned the tide against every big speaker who had landed there. He conquered the headlines of every conceivable newspaper in the united states.

(Sorry guys, i couldnt make this story anymore short. Everyone knows swami vivekananda, but dont know many aspects of his life. He was only 30 years when he addressed the parliament of religions held in chicago in september 1993. He passed away at the very young age of 39 years. After Swami vivekananda's passing away, his mother was sent money for her expenses every month by the maharaja of Khetri for the rest of her life.)

A Millionaire's Love Story

Before i tell u another story, i need to thank everyone who read my blog. your comments push me harder to keep my postings going on. since i wasnt in a mood to write about myself, i have another story for u, which took place in the early 1990s. Read on for some magical twists.

The protagonist in this story is Mr. Bright. Since i cant give out his real name, let this assumed name be used for now. This person, Mr. Bright was a millionaire (and still is ...) had a cocktail of things going good for him. He was well connected with the political establishment, ministers were his cronies, even the biggest names in the crime circuit were personally known to him. He was running a Bar in the commercial heartland of bangalore. Those days bands were allowed in the bars. there were singers who assumed dual roles, in these bars. A very beautiful bengali girl was the singer in Mr. Bright's bar, those days. this singer had quite a role in increasing the business for her owner. she had a very sweet voice, and her attributes and beauty were envied upon.

Our Mr. Bright fell for this singer. he had a successful romance going strong with his beautiful singer. this relationship both working and otherwise went on for some weeks. one fine day, this well endowed singer went missing. Mr. Bright ordered his body guards to search for her at all the leading bars in bangalore where bands were being played. all his efforts and money power came to naught. He realised that she had gone for more greener pastures; as though his pocket wasnt deep enough. He was hell bound on getting her back, whatever it may take. he consulted some occulists and tantriks to find her. These occulists and tantriks only were successful in gulping his money, which he poured like quick sand. atlast someone referred him to a tantrik in kerala, whose exploits were much lauded. He wanted to give it a try.

The new tantrik from kerala was consulted. The tantrik ordered some bizarre rituals to be undertaken. These rituals needed things as vague as a chameleon, and a living bat, among others. Everything was procured except the bat. To find a bat in bangalore posed a challenge at the first rung itself. somehow people were sent as far as possible in the country side to fetch a living bat. A few people were even sent to neighbouring tamil nadu to catch a bat. Little did he know that they were having a paid holiday in tamilnadu, while thanking his craziness. Mr Bright lost a good amount of money in his pursuit of a living bat. his people atlast managed to catch a live bat from within bangalore city itself, in an old building. Somehow, most rituals were successfully done. the last one was involving the bat, and was quite a tricky one. There wasnt any guarantee with the ritual involving the bat. The bat after being tied with a holy thread, was to be released. if it flew in a particular direction (let's take it as north direction), the lady singer would return without fail, in just a few days (exact number of days not sure, but less than a month). If the bat took any other direction after being released, then the case was hopeless.

The bat was atlast taken to the great lungspace of bangalore, i.e. cubbon park. The millionaire Mr. Bright, his close group of bodyguards and the trantrik were praying for luck. Finally they decided to release the bat tied with the long holy thread. Once left free, the bat soared to the sky, and then it circled around them over their heads, as if to gain its orientation. Mr. Bright was praying intensely in his mind for the bat to fly northwards. After the bat completed two circles over their head, it headed for north and kept flying in that direction till it disappeared from sight.

It can only be called magical, that the singer girl who wasnt in touch with Mr.Bright for all these days, returned back within the stipulated period. Mr. Bright had got back his love interest. Their romance lasted until he lost interest in her.

(Last heard, our protagonist had left for U.S.A. He was notorious for having bedded actresses from kannada tv serials being aired in those days. My effort here is not a figment of imagination, but authenticated inputs.)

Friday, 21 November, 2008

What the heck!! where are your comments?

Today i found out one of my highschool classmates (Prem) through this blog. in fact, it was the other way around. The initial days in the blogging world for me has been sweet till now. all you people who read my blog, i know quite a number of my friends are keeping track, but do not opt to comment, is a sad comment in itself. your comments will keep me motivated to continue with interesting posts. and believe me, i have a treasure trove of stories, and happenings, all from first hand experience in my own personal life, which should interest you a great deal.

Let me tell u a wonderful incident, which happened just 3 days back. read on till the end, and you will thank yourself. i have a handful of foster sisters in india. Let me name one sister among them, as Pearl. Her real name is different, but Pearl seems an interesting name to weave this story. Pearl has a humble background, like me. She is a post graduate student, studying away from her home state. She stays in her college hostel, just adjacent to her college, some 1500kms away from her home.

In Pearl's hostel, there were a spate of robberies happening, all involving laptops. Pearl's subject of study, demanded her to possess a laptop, which she did.

Three days back she had to leave her room for a few moments and she threw caution to the wind. she hadnt locked her room. When she returned back, her laptop turned to thin air. it was a big shock to her. There was no way she could break this news to her folks. she was crest fallen. for everything i know, she was sobbing for the next 48 hrs. in these 2 days, the police had come, investigation was being carried out, sniffer dogs brought in, finger print experts deployed, but nothing happened. she had shared her agony to some close friends. Four of my soldier colleagues who knew about her predicament did something unexpected. They were unrelated to her, didnt speak her language, nor belonged to her state, but had known Pearl since few months, pitched in and bought her a new laptop.

Pearl was flying in cloud eleven when they presented her the laptop. The laptop presented was of the same make. So much of thoughtfulness they had invested in their gesture. they didnt have to do this at all. but then everything cant be predicted, not the least, of how far indian soldiers can go to provide solace, even in their personal capacity.

Hats off to them.
(Hope u liked this true story. You can show ur greatfulness to the foursome mentioned in the above story, by posting your comments. i promise to let them know about your thoughts. love. joshi.)

Thursday, 20 November, 2008

April month beckons my friends to Trivandrum

This coming april will bring some added cheer into the life of 2 souls. Beena and i will be looking forward to start home making on our own terms in april 2008. starting a family will have to wait, until we have had some time together for us. ofcourse, our friends are all most welcome to visit our place then, and chill out completely. iam game for anything that involves friends. they bring out uninhibited energy levels in me.

Tried replying to the comments posted by my friends. somehow that option doesnt seem possible here. anyways, i shall endeavour to thank every friend who has commented on my site. Jesu was the first to comment, and my special thanks to him for devoting time to my blog. Smriti has had some lovely and sweet words for me. everything is well taken, i should say. ofcourse iam eagerly waiting to meet smriti on my visit to chennai. mehr got a taste of kerala and its pazham pori with my little effort. i shall put a red carpet welcome to her, to be our guest next year, and she can try her hand at all the savouries of kerala.

Salsa members (Re-union group of beena's schoolmates) have been given an open invitation quite earlier to visit Kovalam beach in trivandrum, next year. i see some big fireworks coming up, if salsa team makes it here. My experience in chennai with salsaites, put all my apprehensions at bay. younger guys and girls who were in the water park at queen's land in chennai on the day of our visit had to hide their faces in shame, because our group had the most revelry and fun. i shall share a little tid-bit for you guys. (Mouse, if u are reading this, please excuse me dear.)

Well mouse is quite a misnomer for one of our salsaites. she is the centre of attraction, and like always, that day too, in the water park we had the maximum eyeballs following everywhere we went. in the water slide, we had some great fun. a young couple were not enjoying the slide, but were available in the pool. the guy was groping her everywhere, while the girl was totally mesmerized with his attention. we all noticed it, but turned a blind eye. mouse coudlnt stand the teenage girl being taken advantage of, but somehow she held position. afterwards when we all came out of the pool, the teenage girl was alone while her groping boyfriend had gone to dry himself. mouse asked the girl in a stern voice, who that boy was. quite immediately the answer was shot like a fire. "HE IS MY HUBBY". a jaw dropped heavily after hearing this. we all had a hearty laugh with the answer the teenager gave.

youngsters do have a field day these days. hope they dont have a child day at the end of 9 months.

Wednesday, 19 November, 2008

oodles of satisfaction

Today, the moment i saw few comments posted by my friends on my blog, believe me, a big smile replaced my woody face. the satisfaction levels soared to a peak. alone and smiling so visibly loud wasnt easy, that too while sitting in an internet cafe. the cabins here arent closed entirely. its more like an office partition which stopped growth after 4 feet. i can see younger guys getting jittery when any movement takes place nearby them. here the guys misconstrued my big smile; not a movement i had made. somehow i became steely and woody as earlier, for i dont like transgression. after all, everyone wants a great evening, including me. :)

time to sign off for now. my intended posts didnt happen, the reason being obvious. ( Oh god, iam no threat for anyone). see u guys, may be tomorrow. bye bye and god bless.


Happy to hit blogspot

i have been ever interested to have my own blog. wow, now its a reality. hope to put all things interesting on my blog. i have come to trivandrum, india, three weeks back. its a nice place to be, unlike the big cities. my expectations of a city from trivandrum fell flat, after being here. its quite small compared to other cities, but the flip side is that it's nature's bounty has enthralled me till now. hanging out at the shangumugham beach, has been my pastime till now. eating pazham pori, a local delicacy which was quite yearned by me since childhood, is found here in plenty among the little shops lined near the beach. pazhampori is half ripe banana of a particular species known as yetha pazham or nenthra pazham. i guess its sliced into three or four pieces lengwise and deep fried after dipping it in some kind of flour. eating is all the proof, thats required, more so if u are a keralite.

i am missing my darling wife ever since i have come here. we are always on the phone in the evenings, which is the only respite. the good news is that iam going to meet her this coming christmas. hope to re-ignite our relationship in a big way, this time. :) . follow my posts for our plans in the offing, iam sure it would be quite a fodder for u guys.

gotta go now. my posts will continue. and wishing u all the very best.