Tuesday, 2 March, 2010

A plot which disappeared

Owning a piece of land in Bangalore in itself is a big achievement for the salaried class. Many years back a government employee sold his only piece of land in his village and bought a small plot in Bangalore. It was the culmination of years of his yearning. Since he didnt have the money to build a house right away, he just waited for better days to arrive.

Once in every few months he would go and visit his plot, to see that it is safe. This went on without any hiccups for around 3 years. And on one such routine visits to his plot, he was aghast to see that a house was already standing on his plot, with a family living in it. His heart rate shooted quite high. He mustered enough courage to knock on that house's door. Some one appeared at the door and asked what it was. With a heavy heart and lot of perspiration on his face, he said this plot belonged to him.

The person who stayed in the house said that they had bought the plot few months back from the local landlord and he had built the house. This landlord incidentally was the same person from whom the first person had purchased the plot. Heart broken, the poor government employee went to the person who sold his property to another person without his knowledge. The landlord said he didnt know what he was blabbering and claimed not to have seen him earlier in his life.

The poor man returned home and narrated the incident to his family members. All were dumbstruck and shocked. There was no way he could fight the rich landlord. He shared this story with one of his colleague. Luckily his colleague said he could be of some help since he knew a notorious goon named "Seemenne Nagaraj". He and his colleague went and met this goon. Seemenne Nagaraj sent two of his lieutenants to clean up the act.

The two lieutenants of the goon knocked the door of the landlord who had cheated. The moment he got to know that these men were working for the notorious goon, he surrendered immediately and said he would give the plot adjacent to the original plot, without any charges and that too within a week. Within a week, the new plot got registered in the name of the cheated government servant.

The poor guy went on to built a house on that plot, before he retired from service. Incidentally i happen to be his son and thought i should share this story in my blog.